Addition of vectors by Head to Tail method (Graphical Method)
Head to Tail method or graphical method is one of the easiest method used to find the resultant vector of two of more than two vectors.
Consider two vectors and acting in the directions as shown below:
In order to get their resultant vector by head to tail method we must follow the following steps:
STEP # 1
Choose a suitable scale for the vectors so that they can be plotted on the paper.
STEP # 2
Draw representative line of vector
Draw representative line of vector such that the tail of coincides with the head of vector .
STEP # 3
Join 'O' and 'B'.
represents resultant vector of given vectors and i.e.
STEP # 4
Measure the length of line segment and multiply it with the scale choosen initially to get the magnitude of resultant vector.
STEP # 5
The direction of the resultant vector is directed from the tail of vector to the head of vector .
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