Swish basics
Swish is an excellent software to create high quality animated text effects which are normally very difficult and time consuming to create in FLASH .With the help of "Swish" we can create banner ads in very short time.
Lets see the power of Swish
Swish interface
Swish consists of the following six tabs:
Each tab contains different features which collectively work to create an animated text effect.
We discuss characteristics of each tab as per our requirement.
First of all we discuss "general" and "timeline" tabs.
General tab
In General tab we select different parameters for movie such as width, height,movie speed and background color of movie.
Timeline is the organizer of our movie .It controls all contents of a movie.Timeline contains three most important components of movie i.e.frames,scenes, add effect and delete effect.
Effects will be discussed in the next lesson.
Tool bar