Last Updated:
Nov 03, 2003
To use a Web page's image as desktop wallpaper
Right-click the image on the Web page, and then click Set as Wallpaper.
To send a Web page in e-mail

Click the File menu, point to Send, and then click Page By E-mail or Link By E-mail. Complete the mail message window, and then send the message.
Note: You must have an e-mail account and an e-mail program set up on your computer.

To turn off graphics to display all Web pages faster

From " Tools menu" click "Internet Options".
Click the "Advanced tab".
In the Multimedia area, clear check boxes of Show pictures, Play animations, Play videos, or Play sounds .

Send a web page via email
From "tools menu" go to "Mail & News" and choose "Send Page".
Clear History
From "Tools menu" choose "Internet Options" and click "General" tab.
In general tab Click "Clear Hiatory" , Apply and then click "OK"
I don't like webmaster's fonts
If you don't like fonts of a web page don't worry just do the following:
From "Tools menu" choose "Internet Options" and click "General" tab". In general tab Click "Fonts"and set any font you like.