Green House Effect
 Green house
A chamber or house made to trap infra red radiation is called green house. Glass of green house allows the thermal radiation to pass through it and in this way the enclosed space is heated. Moreover glass is comparatively opaque to infra red radiation so, the heat is trapped in the green house, green house are used in the field of agriculture. A green house provides a stable and warm environment for plants for their proper growth.
Green house effect
Gradual rise in average global temperature due to absorption of infrared radiation is called green house effect. Global rise in temperature is due to increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Some gases including CO2 allows short wavelength of energy to pass towards the earth and heat it. However, the hot earth emits only longer wavelengths (infrared) of energy back into space. These gases absorb infrared radiation before it escape. As a result certain amount of heat is retained in our atmosphere. This process which keep the earth warm is called green house effect.
Some d eadly effects of green house effect
(1) Rising sea level: due to increase in a temperature, ice will melt on North & South poles resulting in a rise in sea level.
(2) Climatic changes: droughts, floods, cyclones, hurricanes, fire in forest, temperature rise in summer & winter.
(3) Ecological changes: rising oceans & climatic changes will change the natural environment and habitat of animals and plants. The effects of these are hard to predict but very serious. In the coming years the world will suffer a great deal due to increasing environmental pollution.
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