To create the effects like that insert more than one scenes , follow me:
(i) Click the Insert Text button on the Toolbar. 
(ii) Click"text tab".

(iii)Type your text.

(iv) Select text from the area where you have typed it.Do not select text from movie area.

copy your text.
unselected text
selected text
(v) Again click text button 
(vi) Click text tab.

(vii) Remove the word "text" in typing area and paste word "CITY".Change text color a little and displace it slightly rightward..

(VIII) Click timeline tab and note that the timeline looks like:

It indicates "CITY"two times. 
(ix) Now click "timeline tab".
(x) Click "Add Effect" button to open "effect drop-down list".

(vi) Choose "VORTEX effect" from drop-down list. Click"OK". 

(vii) Enter above mentioned values in the dialogue box and click "OK".

(viii) Now test movie.
Remember: You can add effects on both words. First click word in timeline then add effect as described earlier.