At the bottom of the drawing toolbar you will find a color indicator.
  Uppermost color is the foreground color. Colors selected from this tablet can be applied to all the   objects and it works with all the drawing tools such as paint brush, pencil tool and line tool etc.
  Lower color is applied only for background.
  Upper right circle is used to exchange current foreground color to background color and vice versa .   As you click this small button position of both colors will change.
  Bottom left circle default foreground and background colors I mean black and white. Click this button   to choose black and white colors.
  Click a color on the color indicator to open the color picker palette.
  1::: Drag this tiny circle to choose a color shade.
  2::: Click any color to choose a color.
  3::: New Color preview.
  4::: Drag slider to choose a color.
  5::: Check it, if you are working for web graphics
  7::: Old Color.
  6::: Click "Custom button"
  Same procedure for color selection as mentioned above.
  To return to color picker click "Picker".
  INDEXED COLOR MODE :For web graphics and multimedia.
  RGB COLOR : Based on mixing of red, green and blue colors. Best for web graphics because of small
  file size.
  CMYK COLOR : Based on cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors. Best for print media. Large file size.
  LAB COLOR : Old color mode not commonly used.