Flash supports two sound formats:
(I) ".WAV format" for windows
(ii) ".AIFF format" for Macintosh
It means that we can only use these two sound formats in our movies.
We can also edit sound to a limited extent.
When we import a sound file it automatically stored in library.
It is recommended to use a separate layer for sound.
If you are a beginner first try this to learn how to add sound to your movie
(i) First create your animation.
(ii) Add new layer for sound.
(iii) From "libraries" menu click "sounds" to open sound library.
Notice that the sound library is showing all sound files that it contains.
(iv) Drag any sound file(smack,stick hit,switch box.........) to stage.
This is enough at the beginners level.
Import sound files and add them to movie
(i) From File menu Choose "import"
(ii) File import dialogue box appears. Choose a sound file.
(iii) From "window" menu choose "library" to open your personal sound library.
(iv) Drag sound file to stage.
Timeline when sound is added to whole movie
Adding sound to few frames only
Remember: we can also add sound to specific frames only.
(i) Create an animation of 30 frames.
(ii) Add a new layer for sound name it "sound".
(iii) In sound layer click frame 5,10,15 and 24 and each time press "F6" key to make each frame a keyframe.
(iv) In this way you have four keyframes i.e. frame 5,10,15 and 24.
(iv) From "libraries"menu choose "sound" to open library.
(v) In sound layer click keyframe 5 and drag a sound file to stage from library.
(vi) In sound layer click keyframe 10 and drag a different sound file to stage from library.
(vii) Repeat the same for frame 15 and 24.
(viii) Now test movie.
Timeline when sound is added to different frames