Tips and techniques
(i) Do not delete .fla file of your movie because once you convert a .fla file into .swf file, you can not edit .swf files. Therefore you must store both file formates. Remember only .fla files are editable.
(ii) Make multiple copies quickly
Select "arrow tool" click object to be copied,press and hold "ctrl" key and drag. If you drag 10 times,you will get 10 copies.
(iii) Make corners of rectangle round
Draw rectangle but do not release mouse button, press "down arrow" key or "up arrow" key several times on your keyboard.
(iv) Change position of text box by using text tool
Position the cursor at the boundary of text box and drag.
(v) Activate arrow tool when working with any other tool
Some times we are busy with a tool and for a moment we need arrow tool. In this situation press and hold "ctrl" key,any tool you are using will change to arrow tool temporarily.
(vi) Deselect all the objects
Click outside the stage area
(vii) Reposition objects precisely
Click object by arrow tool and press arrow keys to reposition object. One press of arrow key moves object one pixel. To move 8 pixs at a time include "shift" key when press arrow key.
(viii) Flip object
Select object,from "modify" menu choose "flip horizontal" or "flip vertical".
(ix) To delete a layer
Click layer and click "Trash button" below the layers.
(x) To select all layers
"shift + click"
(xi) To change the height of a layer
Right click a layer,from pop menu choose "properties" to open layer properties dialogue box and enter layer height=200% or 300%........