color effect animations
We can create beautiful animated effects by using "Paint Bucket Tool".
Tutorial No.1
Gradient Effect
(i) Draw an ellipse(oval) use radial gradient as fill color.
Notice that we have marked nine different points in the ellipse. But you don't need to mark, ok. This is only to point.
(ii) Press " F6" key.
(iii) Choose "paint bucket tool" with same gradient color and click at point 1.
(iv) Press "F6" key again.
(v) Click at point 2 by paint bucket.
(vi) Repeat this process on all nine points but don't forget to press "F6" key each time.
(Test movie.)
Tutorial No.2
Tint effect animation
(i) Draw any object, use any gradient color.
(ii) Select object by arrow tool.
(iii) From "insert menu" choose "convert to symbols" and "graphic" behaviour.
(iv) Click frame 20 and press "F6" key.
(v) From "modify menu" choose "instance".
(vi) "Instance properties" dialogue box appears, from "color effect" tab choose "tint"
When you choose "tint",a slider for tint amount will appear,drag it towards right or enter 90 as tint amount. Click"OK"
now test movie.