Rotate animation
Create rotation
Repeat the procedure described in "scale and rotate" animation but choose "rotate" instead of "scale and rotate" and rotate object by arrow tool.
Text to object animation
(i) Type some text in frame 1.
(ii) Choose arrow tool and click text to select it.
(iii) From "modify menu" choose "break apart".
(iv) Click frame 25 and press "F6" key.
(v) In frame 25 delete text and draw any object you like.
(vi) Double click frame 1 and choose "shape tweening" in the dialogue box. Click"OK".
(vii) Test your movie.
Object to Text animation
Repeat above procedure in reverse order.
Text to text animation
Repeat"text to object animation" but both in frame 1 and frame 25 type two different text items and you must "break" them apart before