Scale animation
In this type of animation object in your animation changes its size with time.
Create scale animation
Repeat shape tween animation as described earlier. But in last key frame do not change its shape. Instead of changing its shape increase or decrease its size. All other steps are same.
Scale and rotate animation
In this type of animation size of object changes with rotation.
(i) draw any object
(ii) Select object by arrow tool.
(iii) From "insert menu" choose "convert to symbols".In dialogue box choose "graphic".
(iv) Click frame 25 and press "F6" key.
(v) Click frame 1.
(vi) From "modify menu" choose "transform" and then "scale and rotate".Enter values size=10 and rotate=280. Click"OK".
(vii) Right click on keyframe 1 and choose "create motion tween".
(viii) Now test your movie.