Shape tween animation
In shape tween animations,Object in a movie change their shape with time.
Create a shape tween animation
(i) Draw an oval in frame 1.
(ii) Click frame 30 and press "F6" key on your keyboard to insert a keyframe at frame 30.
(iii) Choose "arrow tool" and click out side the stage to deselect oval.
(iv) By using "arrow tool" change the shape of oval to any shape , change its color or whatever you wish.
(v) Double click frame 1.
(vi) Choose "tweening" tab from the dialogue box as described in previous lessons.
(vii) Choose "shape" from tweening drop down list and click "OK".
(viii) Now test movie by "Ctrl+Enter" key.
You may find it a useless tutorial but with the help of the procedure as described here, you can create excellent movies. Try it.