Motion along a path
In this type of animation, objects follow a predefined path such as circular path,zigzag path etc.
Create motion along a path
(i) Create any object say circle.
(ii) Select circle by arrow tool.
(iii) Press F8 key on your keyboard.
(iv) In the dialogue box choose "graphic" as behavior.
(v) Click frame 50 and press "F6" key.
(vi) Double click frame 1.
(vii) Choose "motion" in tweening dialogue box. Click"OK".
Timeline looks like:
Circle looks like:
keep in mind that the circle has a "+" sign at the centre.
(viii) add motion guide layer by clicking "motion guide" button at the bottom of layers as shown.
Now timeline looks like:
This adds a motion guide layer in timeline above the layer 1.
(ix) Click motion guide layer and draw a curved or zigzag or any path you wish by using "pencil , ellipse or rectangle tool".
(x) Now click layer 1.
(xi) Select arrow tool. Drag circle to point 1(starting point of curved path).Match point 1 and "+" sign.
(xii) Click key frame 50 in layer 1 and drag circle to point 2 and match "+" sign with the end point of path
      (marked 2).
(xiii) Test movie.