Motion tween Animations
In a motion tween animation, objects move from one point to the other.
Create motion tween animation
(i) Draw a circle.
(ii) Select circle by arrow tool.
(iii) Press "F8" key on keyboard."Symbol properties" dialogue box appears:
Name: For identification purpose , type in any name.
Behavior: Select "Graphic".Click "OK".
(iv) Click Frame 20 in the timeline and press "F6" key on keyboard.
(v) Move circle to any new position by using arrow tool.
(vi) Double click frame 1. A "frame properties" dialogue box appears.
Notice that there are four tabs:Label,Sound,Action and Tweening.
(vii) Click tweening tab.
(viii) Choose "motion" from tweening drop down list and click "OK".
(ix) Now test movie by "Ctrl+Enter" key.