Animation is the process of a movement effect. An animation actually consists of at least two frames .Each frame is slightly different from the other. When these frames appear in front of us we feel a moving effect due to persistence of eye. InFlash we can create a variety of animations. We discuss each separately. Now without going into theoretical concepts start creating animations in Flash.
Frame by frame animation
Zero level tutorial
(i) Draw any object.
(ii) Press "F6" on key board(F6 adds one key frame to your movie).
(iii) Make any change in your object(change its color or shape or any thing you like).
(iv) Your movie is completed , now test it by pressing "Ctrl+Enter" key on key board.
Assignment:By using this method create ten movies. Try all drawing tool in your movie to create different effects. You can take as many frames as you wish. When you make a change in a frame,press F6 key to add a new key frame.
How to stop a movie
Double click last frame to open "frame Properties Dialogue Box".
Click "actions" tab.
Click "+" button.
Now click "stop" and press "OK"