Solid Colors
A Flash movie can have more colors than appear in the color palette. We can create custom colors, use colors of an image as fills for Flash movie. We can delete color from this palette and load new colors which are not available in Flash.
When you click a color icon in the tool bar following color palette appears:
Click the box marked 2 if no color is required.
If you click color window (marked 1 in the above figure) a color modifier appears:
This palette has two color options solid and gradient. First we discuss solid colors only.
In this palette:
A:To load new colors from an external source. This is a fantastic feature of Flash.
For details click here
B: Change: To replace the currently selected color with a newly defined color, click Change.
C: Enter a value for alpha or drag slider "D".
D: Alpha slider used to change color saturation. Move the slider up or down to set the tint and brightness.
E: Color space. To set the hue, drag the crosshair in the color space.
F: Color preview
G: Available colors
New: Click this button to add a new color in the color palette.
Delete: To delete a selected color from the palette. Click"delete" button and note that selected colors are disappearing from the palette(marked "G")