Layers are imaginary transparent sheets placed over one another. We can see through layers. Layers prevent contents of a movie to mix with each other. Contents of a layer do not disturb the contents of other layers. Each layer may have different objects,actions,sound and different animation tasks.
Add new layer
When we start a new movie, by default we have one layer. However we can add a number of layers in our movie. To add layer click the icon (marked "A") on the lower left corner of timeline.
Delete a layer
Drag unwanted layer to "bin" marked "B" and release mouse.
Add guide layer
Click "guide layer" icon.
Active layer : Highlighted layer is the current layer. Pencil icon on a layer indicates that we can edit this layer. Here the word "edit" means any change in the contents of this layer. We can edit objects on any visible, unlocked layer
Locked layer : A "lock" indicates that we can not edit the contents of this layer
Hidden layer : Contents of a hidden layer are not visible on the stage
objects on this layer displayed as outlines but fills are invisible
Reordering layers
We can change the position or order of layers. For example in figure 1 ,layer 4 is at the top. Drag it down to layer 3 or layer 1 and release mouse to change its order.
Tip: Make it your habit to create each object in a separate layer to avoid any inconvenience.