Magic Wand modifier
Magic Wand modifier lets you to select any portion of a bitmap image By color saturation. Magic wand selects same colored areas in one click.
(i) From "File menu" choose "Open".
(ii) From the dialogue box select any bitmap image.
(iii) From "Modify menu" choose "Break apart".
(iv) Select "Lasso tool" and choose "magic wand modifier " from the option tray.
(v) Click the colored area you want to select. Selected area is highlighted.
(vi) Perform any operation on the selected portion you want. Here I am changing the color of the selected portion.
Magic Wand Properties
Magic wand modifier determines how smooth a vector path will be drawn by Flash when magic wand modifier makes a selection.
When you click magic wand modifier a dialogue box of setting appears.
Enter "threshold value" , choose smoothing option and click "OK".