Zoom Tool
zoom tool lets you to magnify an image or any portion of image. Zooming does not change the original size of image. It only increases or decreases the magnification of view.
Zoom method 1
Click "zoom tool" and click the object.
Zoom method 2
To zoom in(increase magnification) on a specific area of your object, drag an imaginary rectangle with the zoom tool.
Zoom method 3
Choose a percentage from the Zoom Control pop-up menu or enter a value.
zoom out(decrease magnification)
Select zoom tool. Press and hold "Altr" key on your key board. Click the object.
Hand Tool
Some times it becomes impossible to view different areas of stage. Hand tool enables us to view different areas of stage.
Select "hand tool".Position hand on the stage. Press left mouse button and drag.
Eye Dropper Tool
Dropper tool copies a fill color from one image to another mage. Dropper tool also lets you to use a bitmap image as a fill color.
Draw two ovals with different colors.
Select "dropper tool".Click on first oval to copy its color. Click second oval to paste the color of first oval into the second oval.
Bitmap image as a fill
(i) Open or import a bitmap image.
(ii) From "Modify menu" choose "Break Apart".
(iii) Select the dropper tool and then click the bitmap image.
(iv) Click the image being filled with image colors.
Ink Bottle Tool
Ink bottle tool creates outlines around objects.
(i) Select the ink bottle tool.
(ii) Choose line color, line style, and line width from "option tray".
(iii) Click a shape on the Stage.
After ink bottle application