Eraser Tool
Eraser tool works like an eraser. It is used to erase unwanted portions of an image.
How to erase?
(i) Select "eraser tool".
(ii) Drag over the unwanted portion of image.
Eraser options :
When you click in the option tray, you find five eraser options:
Erase normal mode:erases both lines and fills .
Erase Fills: erases only fills but lines are not affected.
Erase Lines :erases only lines but fills are not affected.
Erase Selected Fills: erases only the selected portion and it does not affect lines(whether they are selected or unselected).
Erase Inside :This eraser mode is a little bit technical. It erases only when you begin erasing from inside the image. If you begin erasing from an empty point, nothing will be erased. Lines are not affected.
Faucet Modifier :
This erasing modifier is used to remove entire fills or line segments.
(i) Select eraser tool. Click "faucet"mode
(ii) Click inside of object to erase fill color.
(iii) Click on the outline to erase outlines of object.
Eraser shape and size
Click blue area of this option and choose eraser shape and size.
Erase all items on the stage
Double click the eraser tool.
Remember: eraser tool is much more than the described here. It is not only an eraser. By using eraser tool we can create a number of excellent effects. We discuss these effects in "animation lessons"