Use the same method to draw a circle or a rectangle
With the help of rectangle tool we can draw rectangles and squares with several styles.
How to draw a rectangle
(i) Choose "rectangle tool" from the tool bar.
(ii) Place cursor on the work area(white space on your screen).

(iii) Press left mouse button and hold it till the completion of rectangle.

(iv) Drag from left to right and then to the bottom of work area.

(v) Release mouse.
When we choose rectangle tool,following option are available:
Rectangle outline color  
Click this button to select outline color for rectangle. If you do not need outline just click small rectangle(see last figure on this page) at the upper left corner of color palette.
To select a line thickness click highlighted area and choose line thickness
outline thickness  
To select a line style click highlighted area and choose a line style.
Outline style  
How to create a customized line style ?
As you click in the underlined portion of fig 2,you will find a "custom" 
option. When you click "custom", a dialogue box will open as shown below:
Enter desired values,choose a line style and click "OK".
How to draw a perfect square by using rectangle tool?
To draw a perfect square press and hold "shift" key on your key board and draw square
using rectangle tool.
How to draw a rectangle with round corners?
(i)Choose rectangle tool from the tool bar.
(ii) Click  button from the option tray.

(iii) Enter a value for corner radius in the dialogue box and click "OK".

(iv) Now draw rectangle.
How to draw outlines only?
Click "fill color button" and click small box on the top left corner of color palette.
Draw rectangle or oval.