Davisson and Germer's Experiment
In the year 1927, Davisson and Germer conducted their famous experiment which was the experimental verification of De-Broglie's hypothesis i.e. l = h/p.
Their experimental setup was enclosed in a vacuum chamber as shown below:
A beam of electrons accelerated through the potential V were allowed to strike a nickel crystal. Measurements were made to count the number of electrons scattered by the crystal.
Davisson and Germer reported unexpected results that the electrons reflected very strongly at certain angles only and not at other directions.
Davisson and Germer further investigated properly oriented crystals to observe if could be possible to interpret that electron behave as waves of all wave lengths (l) as given by De-Broglie's hypothesis. They calculated the wave length of electron from the known accelerating potential V by applying the relation:
The wave length associated with the above equation agreed with the De-Broglie's prediction. Thus it is confirmed that electron has a wave like nature because only a wave has wave length.
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