This is the first lesson of Adobe Photoshop 5.5. In this lesson we will cover primary setting of work area .
When we start working on a new project, first we set size, background color and color mode for an image.
From "File Menu" choose "New" to open the following dialogue box:
Enter desired values for your new project.
Name : Type a name to identify your image/drawing
Width : Horizontal dimension of image (Use can select a unit by clicking triangle marked "A")
Height : Vertical dimension of image
Mode : Standard color mode is "RGB".RGB stands for red, green, blue.
Contents : Select a background color for your image.
(1) White : White background color
(2) Background Color : Current color as fill
(3) Transparent : No Background Color (When you choose "transparent" your canvas will show you gray and white squares but they will not appear in your final image because they are like a graph only).
When you set all the parameters click "OK".As you click "OK", a canvas of your required size will appear as shown below:
Click circled area to maximize the canvas.